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My friend and I have been wargaming for over fifty years, from the heady days of Airfix infantry fighting straight off the sprue to nowadays, where we have so many made and painted figures and models that we have consigned over half of the collection to storage.

Our journey took us from simple rule sets found the books of Bruce Quarrie and the like, on to today where our own rules have burgeoned to cover pretty much any and all situations a wargame can conjure up.

They continue to evolve, as good rules should do.

In time, we hope to publish the rules in a presentable format for gamers to try out. They won’t be for everyone of course… it’s rare a set of rules meets with full approval… and we would encourage gamers to adapt to suit themselves and their own specific needs.

In the meantime, we will post pics of our wargames and models here with appropriate captions.

Enjoy your games.

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