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Author Bio


Colin Gee was born on 18th May 1957 in Haslar Naval Hospital, Gosport, UK, spending the first two years of his life at the naval base in Malta.

His parents divorced when he was approaching 3 and he went to live with his grandparents, who brought him up.

On 9th June 1975 he joined Royal Berkshire Fire Brigade and was posted to Slough. Having served at all four Reading stations, Newbury and Langley, Colin retired from the re-branded Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service on 19th May 2007, having achived the rank of Sub-Officer, Watch Commander, or to be politically correct for the harridans in HR, Watch Manager 'A'.A short contract in the Fire Safety Department followed, visiting homes to offer safety advice and fix smoke alarms.

Having been divorced from his wife of 23 years in October 2003, Colin remarried a lovely lady called Heather in 2006. 

After 32 years in the Fire Service reality suddenly hit and Colin found himself in need of a proper job!

In November 2007 he was taken on as a painter with the Holiday Inn in Swindon, staying with it until May 2010.

A bank post with the NHS out of hours service developed slowly and, as of today, Colin is permanently employed doing shifts for Swindon Out of Hours, doing driving, call handling and teaboy.

At this moment in time Colin has two daughters, one step-daughter, two step-sons and a gaggle of grandchildren.

All his life he has been a wargamer, and with his best friend, has gamed World War Two in 20mm scale since age 13 and 11 respectively. their collection rapidly approaches 30,000 hand painted figures and in excess of 4500 painted vehicles.

Colin is a dab hand with the Kazoo, although he was told often that he could have been something with the trombone which still festers unplayed in his attic. He dabbles with the electronic keyboard and has composed a few songs to inflict upon the unwary. Dabbling with the piano and drums in his formative years, his teacher eventually gave up and took him into the realm of vocals, where he enjoyed some competitive success in his youth.

In 1992 Colin joined the magistracy, having wandered in from the street to ask how someone becomes a beak. He served solely at Swindon and Wooton Bassett courts, leaving in 2005. The experience taught him the true difference between justice and the law, the former being what he would have preferred to administer.

Online FPS gaming took his fancy in the early 2000's and Colin joined the BlackWatch-UK gaming clan, enjoying Medal of Honor, Spearhead and the wonderful Red Orchestra.

In his school days, Colin produced quite a few short stories which won critical acclaim from the teaching staff at his schools but lost the habit, confining himself solely to entries in the Berkshire Brigade's STAG internal magazine.

He has just rewritten a short story first set down in 1967. It disappeared, so I have given it the modern day treatment and offered it to the British Legion for fundraising. If they don't want it, chances are a book of short stories might come to pass with it as a centrepiece.

Red Gambit was researched initially over ten years ago but work and life changes prevented it from blossoming. Now it has become five books instead of one as more research is done and more lines of writing open themselves up. Colin writes for the pleasure it brings him and hopefully the reader. The books are not intended to be modern day 'Wuthering Heights' or 'War and Peace'. They contain a story which Colin thinks is worth the telling and to which task he set his inexperienced hand.

Enjoy them all and thank you for reading.

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