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My Thanks

Many people have helped me on my writing journey, and in many different ways.

Some have given me professional input, at times when the mechanics of injury were beyond me. Others read and critiqued the scribblings, offering no holds barred comments.

Some provided me with insights on their fathers, uncles, or grandfathers, and I was able to weave them into the story in a way that brought their loved ones to life for them, and hopefully did them justice.

Yet others have picked me up when I was in the doldrums that authors oft find themselves consigned to, or gave me encouragement when I simply felt that I was not worthy.

Of course, Jason Litchfield gave me his time and excellent efforts to bring the graphics in my mind to fruition in such a fantastic and successful way.

Gary Wild, the Lazarus Wild of RG fame, continues now, taking up the cudgel for the Atlantisch series.

So, in no particular order, I would like to record my thanks to all of the following for their contributions. Gary Wild, Jan Wild, Jason Litchfield, Peter Kellie, Jim Crail, Craig Dressman, Mario Wildenauer, Loren Weaver, Pat Walsh, Keith Lange, Mike Bauer, Philippe Vanhauwermeiren, Elena Schuster, Stilla Fendt, Luitpold Krieger, Mark Lambert, Simon Haines, Carl Jones, Greg Winton, Greg Percival, Robert Prideaux, Tyler Weaver, Giselle Janiszewski, Ella Murray, James Hanebury, Renata Loveridge, Jeffrey Durnford, Brian Proctor, Rosie Wolstenholme, Steve Bailey, Deborah Ratliff, Naomi Cowling, Paul Dryden, Steve Riordan, Bruce Towers, Gary Banner, Victoria Falloon, Alexandra Cooper, Heather Coling, Isabel Pierce Ward, Hany Hamouda, Ahmed Al-Obeidi, Sharon Shmueli, Danute Bartkiene, and finally BW-UK Gaming Clan.

Together, they helped me make all but ‘Opening Moves’ an Amazon bestseller across the globe, something of which I am extremely proud.

And no thank you post from me could possibly be complete without mentioning my friend, who wishes to remain unknown, but who suffered hours of excited chat when there were things he would much rather have done J

I would also thank those that took a punt and bought the first work of an unknown author and then spread the word that I had written something worth reading.

My last thank you will not be read by those I name, for they are persons of fiction; my cast of thousands.

Particularly, Ernst-August Knocke, Anne-Marie de Valois, Marion Crisp, John Ramsey, Arkady Yarishlov, and the enigmatic Tatiana Nazarbayeva, who made the story so much easier to write and required me to measure up to their characters with every word.


My Thanks to you all!

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